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Snow Leopard vs My Scripting Additions, Part 2

UPDATE: Final versions of these Scripting Additions have been released.

In a previous post I described how my Scripting Additions were incompatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

I am developing new versions of XML Tools, Property List Tools and List & record Tools which are 64-bit native and take full advantage of the new capabilities of Snow Leopard (multi-threading). The problem is that my Intel hardware is 32-bit Core Duo based (Original MacBook Pro) so I cannot fully test the 64-bit part. If you have scripts that use these scripting additions on 64-bit Intel hardware running Snow Leopard, please download and test these beta builds and report any problems:

XML Tools 2.9.4b1

Property List Tools 1.0.7b1

List & Record Tools 1.0.6b1

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to bugs in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), it is not possible to make a Scripting Addition that takes full advantage of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and also be backward compatible with Mac OS X 10.5. As a result, these builds are Intel only, and should only be used with Mac OS X 10.6.

For those who use my XSLT Tools scripting addition, I’m finding that the underlying XML and XSLT libraries make heavy use of Carbon APIs that are not available on 64-Bit Mac OS X 10.6. As a result, I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to create an upgraded version of this Scripting Addition.


  1. Dandoen Dandoen

    Thanks for this update, would love to see the XSLT update as well. Right now it’s crashing everytime I want to do the transform command. I am on Snow Leopard, and it’s Applescript Editor is set to 32 bit mode.. it’s so annoying, would be great if someone could point out a quick fix / workaround.

    Thanks in advance, you’re the best.

  2. IMPORTANT: I want to be really clear about downward compatibility. The new versions of my Scripting Additions presented here only operate on 10.6 and later. If your script must run on previous versions of the Mac OS, then you must continue to use the current versions in 32-bit mode.

    Apple made changes to the way Scripting Additions are packaged in 10.6 which are incompatible with 10.5 and below. This makes it impossible for me to create Scripting Additions that take full advantage of 10.6 and are downward compatible.

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