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Snow Leopard vs My Scripting Additions, Part 3

In a previous post I released beta builds of Snow Leopard versions of 3 out of 4 of my AppleScript Scripting Additions.

The remaining Scripting Addition, XSLT Tools, has proved to be a difficult problem to solve. XSLT Tools makes heavy use of Carbon APIs that are not available to 64-bit builds on Snow Leopard. However, even the existing 32-bit version crashes on Snow Leopard systems.

Here is a new 32-bit Snow Leopard/Intel only build of XSLT Tools that no longer crashes:

XSLT Tools 2.1.3b1

In order to use this version of XSLT Tools, you need to run the AppleScript Script Editor, applets and droplets in 32-bit mode. This is done by modifying these files using the Finder’s Get Info panel and then checking the 32-bit mode checkbox.