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Script Debugger 4.5.5b3

UPDATE: Script Debugger 4.5.5b4 has been released.

I am preparing another Script Debugger 4.5 maintenance release.

I have been struggling to resolve some stability problems ever since the release of Script Debugger 4.5. I thought I had these problems resolved a couple of times, but they persist. With the release of Mac OS X 10.6 they seem to have gotten worse.

For the Script Debugger 4.5.5 maintenance release I want to try and resolve these stability issues once and for all. The difficulty is that I cannot reproduce any of these crashes here on my systems, and the crash reports that I receive don’t point to any obvious causes.

I had a bit of luck and was able to find and resolve some memory management errors in Script Debugger which may have contributed to the problem. I’ve also identified a problem in AppleScript that may also be contributing to the stability issues.

To help me determine if I’ve actually solved the stability issues (or at least improved things), please allow Script Debugger to submit all crash reports. I know that this may slow you down a little, but it will help us all as I work to finally resolve the stability problems.


  • A Script Debugger 4.5 registration number
  • Intel or PowerPC Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4


Script Debugger 4.5.5b3 (11.4MB)


  • Quit Script Debugger if it is running
  • IMPORTANT Delete all copies of Script Debugger.component and Script Debugger 4.5.component from your ~/Library/Components folder
  • Mount the SD4.5.5 disk image
  • Copy the Script Debugger 4.5 application from the disk image to your Applications folder (or any other place on your disk)

I recommend keeping your copy of Script Debugger 4.5.4 around in case you need to revert to that build. Note also that this BETA build expires on September 1, 2010.

Script Debugger 4.5.5b3 Changes

  • 14898 Several changes that attempt to resolve Script Debugger’s stability issues and reduce memory leakage when closing documents (Please ensure you have deleted all old copies of Script Debugger.component and Script Debugger 4.5.component from your ~/Library/Components folder).
  • 14886, 14151 Corrected a series of issues that prevented the Manifest command from properly detecting AppleEvents sent to applications. Note that these fixes also restore Script Debugger’s ability to detect which applications will be launched when opening scripts.
  • 14885 is no longer mistaken as a Scripting Addition.
  • 14884 Script Debugger’s logic for opening scripts with incorrect filename extensions has been improved. For instance, compiled scripts carrying a ‘.applescript’ extension will open correctly (.applescript normally indicates a plain text file).
  • 14881 A new 32-Bit Only option has been added to the Save As panel allowing you to create 32-Bit applets directly from Script Debugger (this avoids having to visit the Finder’s Get Info window to select the 32-Bit Only execution option).
  • 14853 Script Debugger can now open the iCal dictionary and any other application dictionaries which make use of xinclude directives.
  • 14883 Script Debugger now reports error information in the AppleEvent Log window.