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Script Debugger 4.5.5b6

UPDATE: Script Debugger 4.5.5 has been released.

I am preparing another Script Debugger 4.5 maintenance release.

I have been struggling to resolve some stability problems ever since the release of Script Debugger 4.5. Resolving these issues has been very difficult as I’ve not been able to reproduce several of the crashes on my own systems. The Script Debugger 4.5.5b3, b4 and b5 releases have resolved several crashes, but some problems remain. The Script Debugger 4.5.5b6 build addresses some additional problems that I hope will further improve stability.

To help me determine if I’ve resolved the stability issues (or at least improved things), please allow Script Debugger to submit ALL crash reports. I know that this may slow you down a little, but it will help me as I work to finally resolve the stability problems.


  • A Script Debugger 4.5 registration number
  • Intel or PowerPC Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4


Script Debugger 4.5.5b6 (11.4MB)


  • Quit Script Debugger if it is running
  • Mount the SD4.5.5 disk image
  • Copy the Script Debugger 4.5 application from the disk image to your Applications folder (or any other place on your disk)
  • Restart your Macintosh to ensure all caches are flushed

I recommend keeping your copy of Script Debugger 4.5.4 around in case you need to revert to that build. Note also that this BETA build expires on September 1, 2010.

Script Debugger 4.5.5b6 Changes

  • 14907 [Crash] Improved the Explorer to protect against some more instances where the UI thread may be accessing data while background threads are altering the data.
  • 14927 The Script Debugger 4.0 OSA component is removed if it is still present to avoid the possibility of memory corruptions that might destabilize Script Debugger 4.5.
  • 14928 Script Debugger auto-saves documents each time they are compiled. This may slow things down slightly, but it will improve Script Debugger’s ability to recover the contents of open documents in the event of a crash. Previously, Script Debugger auto-saved only before a document was executed.
  • 14926 When exporting a Run-Only script over an existing file, Script Debugger ensures that pre-eisting recovery and QuickLook preview data is removed.
  • 14925 This change addresses a regression in bug 14881. Script Debugger no longer reports 32-bit scripting addition warnings for StandardAdditions.osax when saving on 32-bit machines as StandardAdditions.osax will always be fully compatible with the host hardware. Script Debugger now only does 32-bit scripting addition checking when running on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • 14885 is no longer mistaken as a Scripting Addition.

Script Debugger 4.5.5b5 Changes


  1. John Egan John Egan

    When do you expect the next significant release to be? Any hints as to what you are working on to have in it?

  2. I cannot given an estimate for Script Debugger 5.0 at this time.

    I have several areas I’m working on to improve Script Debugger for version 5.0, but until I resolve the stability issues in Script Debugger 4.5, I have put Script Debugger 5 on hold. Script Debugger 5 will use about 75% of the Script Debugger 4.5 source code and I need a reliable base in which I can work.

  3. Roy McCoy Roy McCoy

    Since it’s already August 9, the beta build expires on September 1 and I’m not having any particular problems with 4.5, I’ve provisionally decided to skip this download – okay? Thanks.

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