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XML Tools 2.9.1

I have just uploaded a new version of my freeware XML Tools AppleScript Scripting Addition. This new release addresses a series of issues that have come to light since the 2.9 release in June, 2007.

Changes in this release:

  • Resolved a crashing bug that occurred when parsing XML data containing XML namespace declarations on elements other than the root element.
  • AppleScript errors signaled from the XMLParseResult SAX event handler are now reported to the script invoking the parse XML command. Previously, errors signaled from this handler would case the handler to fail silently.
  • AppleScript errors signaled from SAX event handlers are now reported to the XMLParseResult SAX event handler via parameters. The XMLParseResult event handler is now declared as: on XMLParseResult(errNumber, errMessage). Note that these parameters are optional which allows existing code lacking these parameter declarations to continue working unaltered.