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AppleRemote Plugin

Here’s a FaceSpan plugin that lets your FaceSpan projects respond to commands from the Apple Remote that ships with many of the current Mac models:


AppleRemote Example & Plugin


Follow these steps to install the Apple Remote plugin:

  1. expand the AppleRemote.zip archive
  2. move the resulting Apple Remote.fsplugin to the ~/Library/Application Support/FaceSpan 5/Plug-ins folder
  3. Quit and relaunch FaceSpan

To use Apple Remote:

The example project included with the plugin illustrates how to respond to events from the Apple Remote. In summary, you must do the following to use the Apple Remote plugin:

  1. Drag an instance of the Apple Remote object from the Library inspector to your project (Other group)
  2. Somewhere in your code, you must tell the Apple Remote object to ‘start’. This causes the object to start listening to the Apple Remote (and prevents other applications — Front Row — from receiving Apple Remote events).
  3. Implement a ‘did operate Apple remote’ event handler or listen for “AppleRemote_Operated” broadcasts.

The source code for this plugin is included in the FaceSpan 5.0d40 SDK.

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