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Using Sparkle with FaceSpan 5

I’ve produced a FaceSpan plugin that allows you to use the Sparkle Software Update framework in your FaceSpan 5 applications.

You can download the Sparkle FaceSpan plugin here:


Follow these steps to install the Sparkle FaceSpan plugin:

  1. expand the archive
  2. move the resulting Sparkle.fsplugin to the ~/Library/Application Support/FaceSpan 5/Plug-ins folder
  3. Quit and relaunch FaceSpan

To use Sparkle:

  1. drag an instance of the Sparkle object from the Plugins/Sparkle group in the Library inspector to your project (Others group)
  2. edit your project’s Info.plist as directed in the documentation on the Sparkle web site (you’ll also need to create an appcast RSS feed for Sparkle to read)

At this point, when your application launches, Sparkle will begin checking for software updates as directed by the Sparkle entries in the application’s Info.plist file.

If you want to have a “Check For Updates” menu item that allows the user to manually check for updates, do this:

  1. Drag a menu item object from the FaceSpanKit/Menus group in the Library inspector to the place in the Main menu where you want the menu item to appear (e.g. Under “About” in the appMenu).
  2. In the new menu item’s Attributes inspector:
    • change the menu item’s title to “Check For Updates”
    • change the menu item’s operation to SparkleCheckForUpdates
    • change the menu item’s delegate to the instance of the Sparkle object your created earlier

If you want to have a toolbar item that allows a user to manually check for updates, you can create it like this in the window’s ‘window will open’ event handler:

make new toolbar item at end with properties { ¬ name:"checkForUpdates", ¬ title:"Check For Updates", ¬ image"Sparkle.icns", ¬ operation:"SparkleCheckForUpdates", ¬ delegate:my application's |Sparkle| }

If you want to have a button in a window that checks for updates, you can do the following in the button’s action event:

on action theButton tell my application's |Sparkle| to ¬ invoke operation "SparkleCheckForUpdates" end tell

The source code for this plugin is included in the FaceSpan 5.0d41 SDK.

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  1. Simon Wolf Simon Wolf

    This is excellent. Sparkle integration is one of those things in my opinion that makes applications just that little bit more special and makes it so simple to upgrade an application.

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