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Powering Chromecast

We got a shiny new Google Chromecast yesterday. Physically, this is a beautifully designed device, save for one thing: its power source. The device is designed to hang off one of your TV’s HDMI ports, but you’ll soon discover that you need to provide power via a separate cable. The Chromecast box provides a wall wart and cable that plugs into the bottom of the Chromecast.

My heart sank. I only have one power outlet near the TV, and both plugs were already in use for the TV and cable box. I set about finding some sort of adapter that would give me more plugs.

But there is something cool about the Chromecast wall wart: the wall wart is actually a USB power adapter and the Chromecast power cable is actually a USB cable. If you have a powered USB port on your TV, you can plug the Chromcast’s power cord into it and power the Chromecast directly from your TV! I was saved as my SONY TV has a USB media port right next to the HDMI port I am using – problem solved, nicely hidden behind my TV.

Chromecast Installed

I just have to sort out one problem: turning on the TV powers the USB port which powers the Chromecast, and the Chromecast forces the TV to switch to Chromecast’s HDMI port when it turns on – kind of irritating.