RegEx Knife

RegEx Knife is a free iPad utility for developing and testing Regular Expressions. It provides syntax highlighting and a unique way of visualizing Regular Expression capture groups.

RegEx Knife in the App Store

RegEx Knife maintains a library of Regular Expressions. Tap on an expression to begin working with it. Tap the Plus (+) button to add a new Regular Expression to your library. Swipe existing entries to delete or export items in your library. Long-tap on the name above the top text area to rename a Regular Expression.

RegEx Knife

You edit the Regular Expression in the top text area. Enter sample text in the bottom text area to see where your regular expression matches. Tap on the Gear button to choose from several options controlling how the regular expression is matched (Ignore Case, etc.).

Additionally, you can enter a template string into the Substitution Template field. This cases a third text area to appear displaying your sample text transformed using the regular expression to find matches and the template string to transform those matches into new text.

RegEx Knife

If you have a question about RegEx Knife, feel free to email me.

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