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Mark Alldritt's Journal Posts

GraphX Plugin

The recent FaceSpan 5.0d42 build includes a graphing plugin based on Chad Weider’s GraphX framework. Chad’s framework provides three graphing views: curve, histogram and scatter…


Forking Scripts

One of the precepts of FaceSpan programming is that your event handlers should run as quickly as possible to avoid blocking the FaceSpan user interface.…

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Dock Icon Changer

One of my FaceSpan 4 examples demonstrated how to manipulate an application’s Dock icon. In this example, I rewrite that example using FaceSpan 5. Here’s…

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Unplugged Service

After Thursday’s post (Unplugged) where I described how to use System Configuration notifications to detect when a laptop’s AC Power Adapter had been unplugged, it…

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Speedometer View

Apple recently released sample Cocoa code for a view called Speedometer View. I thought I would turn this into a FaceSpan plugin. The process took…

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FaceSpan can notify your application when the system configuration of your Macintosh changes. Here’s an example inspired by Michele Balistreri’s Unplugged utility that uses the…

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