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Script Debugger 4.0.6b4

I am preparing yet another Script Debugger 4 maintenance release. This release addresses some annoying issues that have surfaced since the 4.0.5 release.

I decided to do one more round of beta testing because this build includes changes to the bundled compiled script and bundled script application saving code and I want to ensure that these changes are solid before releasing the product widely.

BETA NOTE: Keep backups of your bundled compiled scripts and bundled script applications when you begin using this build of Script Debugger just in case there is a problem and you need to recover.

You can download the software here:

Universal build requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (13.1MB)

If you are running 10.3 (Panther), you need to use this version instead (10MB)

Changes in 4.0.6b4:

13586 – Addressed a problem where the variable name ‘errMsg’ is not displayed by the debugger in ‘on error’ handlers when the variable name ‘errNum’ is also used.

13587 – Script Debugger can now open text scripts incorrectly tagged as compiled scripts by the script file’s HFS file type.

13650 – The CFBundleName property list key no longer includes a random number when exporting run-only bundled applications.

13474 – Improved the on-line documentation for debugging Folder Actions handlers.

13472 – Improved the on-line documentation concerning the saving of event log settings with script documents.

13647, 13648 – Subversion .svn directories (and other custom directories located outside the Contents/Resources directory) are now properly preserved when saving bundled compiled scripts and bundled script applications.

13649 – The CFBundleIdnetifier and CFBundleShortVersionString property list keys are now preserved when saving bundled compiled scripts and bundled script applications.

Release notes for previous builds

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