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Snow Leopard vs My Scripting Additions

My various Scripting Additions (XML Tools, XSLT Tools, Property List Tools and List & record Tools) are compiled for 32-bit Intel and PowerPC machines. With the advent of Snow Leopard, AppleScript Script Editor, applets and droplets run as 64-bit processes which causes my Scripting Additions to fail to load on 64-bit hardware.

In order to continue using my Scripting Additions, you need to run the AppleScript Script Editor, applets and droplets in 32-bit mode. This is done by using the Finder’s Get Info panel and then checking the 32-bit Model checkbox.

My scripting additions make heavy use of Carbon which is 32-bit only, so making 64-bit versions may be difficult. I don’t want to say I’ll never make 64-bit versions, but at this stage its not clear to me how to move forward.

UPDATE: This problem and solution also applies to JavaScript OSA.

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