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Script Debugger 4.0.6b1

I am preparing yet another Script Debugger 4 maintenance release. This build addresses some annoying issues that have surfaced since the 4.0.5 release. You can download the software here:

Universal build requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (13.1MB)

If you are running 10.3 (Panther), you need to use this version instead (10MB)

Changes in this build:

ID Build Title
13457 4.0.6b1c2 [sd-talk] Microsoft Excel
13425 4.0.6b1c2 Stuck in “Compiling Script with no way out.
13453 4.0.6b1c2 Script Debugger remove Info.plit in the script bundle
13450 4.0.6b1c2 Crash opening script with object specifiers referring to missing application
13449 4.0.6b1c1 Crash report

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