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OmniInspector with Resizable Tabs

In my recent OmniInspector Sample Code blog entry I present a sample application illustrating how to use the OmniInspector framework.

One limitation of the OmniInspector framework is that tabbed inspector windows cannot be resized. If you want a resizable inspector, you have to use a “standard” inspector.

Most of the inspectors in my applications need to be resizable, so I hacked the OmniInspector sources to allow resizable inspectors in tabbed OmniInspector windows (you have to love Open Source code). Here are my modifications in case you need this capability in your application:

OmniInspector with Resizable Tabs 164Kb

All of my modifications to the sources are preceded by a //MALL comment.

One Comment

  1. I downloaded your OmniInspector with Resizable Tabs. There are no comments marked by //MALL in the source, and my tabbed inspector window is not resizable. So I’m confused.

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