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  1. Nick Nick

    Well, congrats! While I don’t write AppleScript apps as often as I used to, I can’t imagine the pain of doing so without Script Debugger. Thanks for upgrading it!

  2. Congrats and Thanks! Will buy the upgrade soon. I’m very glad you got it done, it’s a great tool.

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! I love the new UI. Script Debugger has been my go-to tool* for AppleScripts for the past 16 years (according to my records, I got version 1.0 in May 1996). It looks like it will be on my Mac for the next 16 years as well.

    • “Go to” is not a recommended language construct
  4. Gaston Forgues Gaston Forgues

    Yes, great update for a great tool ! Thanks for the hard work !!

    So far, since we can open many scripts in tabs inside the same window, the only thing I’m missing would be a “script modified status”. Maybe an asterisk at the end of the tab’s name or something else that tell us which scripts in which tabs has being modified since its last save operation.

    Otherwise, I also like the tutorial videos made by Matt Neuburg. :O)

  5. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the update.

    the only thing I’m missing would be a “script modified status”

    The appearance of each tab’s close button changes when a script is modified: the x changes to a dot.

  6. Gaston Forgues Gaston Forgues

    ...the x changes to a dot. Oh sorry, I didn’t saw this subtile modification sign. I think its another good idea to utilize the same spot for closing or prompt-for-saving the tab.

    Now this is just a suggestion, but to be compliant with the rest of the Mac OsX’ look-and-feel, I would appreciate this modification dot to be in another (more visible) color. Traditionally, this dot turns red in other applications.

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