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Commnad-line JavaScript OSA?!

A recient thread on the JavaScript OSA mailing list makes me think that there should be a jsosa command-line tool that you can run from the Terminal, bypassing osascript. This would allow for all of the Unix shell goodness and the AppleEvent integration. Ahhh, another item for my to-do list.

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  1. It is good to hear you talking about JSOSA again, Mark. 🙂

    Every once in a while, I get very excited about doing some serious application scripting with JavaScript under OS X, but then I encounter serious terminology or other bugs that cause me to loose my enthusiasm.

    I have completely given up on AppleScript. It is a bizarre language lacking even the most fundamental features one expects in modern scripting, (and this is coming from a guy who used it for nearly 10 years).

    A “jsosa” command line tool would be great. There is already 2 js tools, the SpiderMonkey and Rhino interpretors, but of course they lack any understanding of the powers to be found in OSA.

    Cheers, — Arthur

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