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Inspirational Software

I’ve been building software since grade 9 in high school (~40 years), and I find it hard sometimes to get excited about new possibilities in software development. But some days I see something done so well that it makes me want to drop everything and start a new project that tries to match it.

The last time this happened to me was when a video of StaffPad for the Microsoft Surface was circulating. My musical skills are limited to beginning piano but this thing immediately left me wanting to try it and, for once, wishing I had a Microsoft Surface machine.

Today, Apple did it to me. The release of Music Memos and the new GarageBand are, to me, examples of Apple at is very best. Apple’s OS releases have been problematic of late, but these apps are wonderful. I happen to have an iPad Pro and I just wasted a whole morning playing with the new GarageBand.

GarageBand on the iPad Pro confirms for me my belief that the iPad Pro hardware is spot on. It just needs good software to make it really compelling. Not stripped down mobile versions of apps, but fully featured, inventively designed apps that take full advantage of the nature of a large touch screen device.