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Script Debugger 4.5.4b2

I am preparing another Script Debugger 4.5 maintenance release. This maintenance release addresses Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) compatibility and some remaining stability issues in Script Debugger 4.5.3. Here is another BETA build of Script Debugger 4.5.4 for testing.

UPDATE: Script Debugger 4.5.4b3 has been released.


  • A Script Debugger 4.5 registration number
  • PowerPC or Intel Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6


Script Debugger 4.5.4b2 (11.4MB)


  • Expand the SD4.5.4 archive
  • Quit Script Debugger if it is running
  • Move the Script Debugger 4.5 application to your Applicatioons folder (or any other place on your disk)

I recommend keeping your copy of Script Debugger 4.5.3 around in case you need to revert to that build. Note also that this BETA build expires on November 1, 2009.

Script Debugger 4.5.4b2 Changes

  • 14840 Corrected a parsing error where # characters appearing within a block comment would cause the parser to fail to parse the remainder of the script in some instances.
  • 14844 The Manifest command once again correctly shows the events generated by a script.
  • 14852 Pressing the Tab key in the dictionary Search Results panel now moves keyboard focus to the description area of the window.
  • 14839 Corrected a terminology conflict that prevented the creation of ‘file’ objects on 10.4 systems. Scripts that use the file property of Script Debugger’s document object must be updated to use the ‘file spec’ property.
  • 14830 Changed the ‘source’ constant to ‘source code’ and changed the ‘raw’ constant to ‘raw code’ to avoid terminology conflicts with scripts that used these terms as variable names.
  • 14858 The Fonts & Colors preferences panel now offers to let you set Snow Leopard’s new AppleScript formatting options. A crashing bug that occurred if you double-click in the blank area below the last formatting option has been resolved.
  • 14855 Corrected a problem where getting the value of the ‘scripts menu folder’, ‘clippings menu folder’ or ‘script libraries folder’ properties of Script Debugger’s application object would fail intermittently.
  • 14850 Dragging text from a script window to another application now includes style information.
  • 14824 The Mail dictionary now shows ‘unicode text’ instead of ‘utf8’ for properties returning a unicode text value.
  • 14860 Bundled compiled scripts exported as Run-Only bundled applications no longer includes Recover/QuickLook data that could reveal the source code for your script.

Script Debugger 4.5.4b1 Changes

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